El Clásico in Barcelona

FC Barcelona and Real Madrid played an intense game with many occasions on each side but without a winner. For the first time since 2002, El Clásico was scoreless. The top two teams in Spain have been sharing first place in La Liga first division for several weeks and were aiming to take a leap forward.

Both clubs came on the pitch to win the game and the final result could have gone either way. The battle for La Liga trophy between the eternal rivals continue as we reach the midway point of the season. Real Madrid under Zidane’s stewardship never lost at Camp Nou in 5 appearance (2 victories and 3 draws). 

Tie For First Place

Both Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are tied on top of the league with 36 points

Coach Real Madrid, Zidane, on the big performance at Camp Nou

“I am thrilled with the players attitudes. We played a great game and only lacked a goal but that is football. When you have chances you have to score but we couldn’t do that in the final third”.

We have to congratulate the players because this was a tough place to come and play our great rivals. We did well and feel satisfied. This most important thing is to create chances and play an open game, that is what we did.

We could not score, but we are happy and proud of our players. We scored a lot of goals this season, so the lack of accuracy was down to today’s game. The players should be happy with what they did.

After the performance we put in, we could have won the game, but that’s the way things go in football. We can’t dwell on it any more. The important thing was our attitude and what we did out there throughout the 90 minutes, pressing in their half and getting the ball off Barcelona. We did that pretty well and the only thing that was missing was the goal”.

Coach FC Barcelona, Valverde, acknowledged the game was very difficult for his team with not much space in between lines and this is was not the result they were hoping for.


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