MLS: Montreal Impact 0-1 Philadelphia Union

Coach Klopas comments on his conditioning:

“We all have to be realistic. When you look at it, he’s been training with us for two weeks. He’s been out for two months. This is like preseason for him, the first two weeks. The legs are going to be heavy. It’s going to get more physically tiring, and he’s going to get out of it, but the games do help to get the sharpness back.”


“I thought he brought a presence in the team,” Klopas said. “Just his presence lifted the team. The stadium got really excited. I just think we’ve got to find a better way to use him. That’s going to take time. But he was good. He had chances in the box. We could have got him the ball a little bit quicker with the service, but I think it’s going to come.”

“He’s going to be with the team,” Klopas said. “I think we have to [bring him in] slowly. It’s a final. He’s going to play. How much he plays? I know that, talking with him, and the plan we put together, he wants to be with the team. And he wants to be involved in the final.”

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