MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy 5-1 New York City FC

Galaxy coach Bruce Arena said.

On the game:

“Well another game where we won and got three points, that is the most important thing. Certainly the goals are great but we played well today. After the first 15 minutes I thought NYC FC was all over us, but once we settled in we played pretty well.”

On the atmosphere of the game:

“Yes, I think anytime you are in this kind of environment and you take success it’s good, and I think this will eventually become a norm in this league; not only here, but in all the venues around the league. If anything today, I think it tells about the growth of this league and the kind of support we’re getting in the markets — it’s phenomenal. And today was maybe a bit of recognition for the growth of the league.

“Certainly, we’ve got a long way to go, but we’re certainly pleased to have these type of games today and, obviously, more in the future.”

Gerrard on playing in a talented team: “I’m quite used to being surrounded by talented players,” he said. “I think the good thing for me today, which makes me smile, is that the supporters are getting the chance to see quality players coming in and embracing the league, and there were world-class talents on show today, and it was good to be part of it.”

Keane is excited on how the league has grown seeing stars:

“It says that this league is serious. This league is the league that people want to be in — there’s no question about that. I get phone calls all the time from international players that want to come here and want to play, play in this league.

“Years ago, there were certain leagues where people wanted to go and play, and it was exciting for them. This is the league now.”

NYCFC David Villa laments the result: “We trained hard for this game. In the first 20 we played the way we prepared for this game. We were playing well and almost scored a goal, but them we stopped doing what we were doing. When you play against a great team, let’s acknowledge that they are a great team, they are a better team than us, they are the defending champions.

When you play against a team better that you the only thing you can do is stay 100 percent focused and after the 20th minute we didn’t do that.”