MLS: Toronto FC 5-0 Orlando City

Coach Vanney reacts:

“The idea was to get pressure higher up the field. The match-ups became a little bit more straight forward: It was our outside guys against their outside backs; the midfielders were three-against-three; that’s why they had a hard time getting out of their half. “I thought it was excellent.”

Bradley reacts:

“I’m normally not somebody who talks first about formations and tactics,” he said. “I thought [the formation change] gave us a little more stability, just in terms of allowing us to cover the field a little bit better. From there, it’s up to the guys on the field to make decisions, to compete.

“That makes the difference, not anything tactical. A huge three points. The last few weeks haven’t been what we wanted. We looked forward to getting back out on this field, in this stadium, in front out our fans. We’ll enjoy it for the evening, and tomorrow, get back to work.”

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