Congratulations to Helen for her winning submission to the VaSoccerNews writing contest titled ‘What the WPS means to Me’.
An Essay by Helen:
To me, women’s soccer is an inspiration; a dream, showing the world what women can do for us. It shows that women can be role models; teaching young girls what they can do; how they can improve soccer, sports, how women are treated! It is an enormous effort that women are making for the future; trying to show that they are equal to men. It shows me how much women want to be respected as much as men; told that they can achieve just as much. It shows people how much the world can improve; to make women’s sports just as great as men’s.
I think that women can help the world. I believe that soccer is changing the world and women are helping. Girls are disappointed to see so many empty seats at women’s soccer games and they want to grow up to fix that. If we keep trying, women’s soccer could be as famous as men’s. Women could be more respected in sports; not everything would be about men. Every little girl could have the same chance at becoming famous as every little boy. Someday, if the world can keep improving; everyone, no matter race nor gender, can have the same chance at becoming a professional soccer player.

I play travel soccer and our coaches are always trying to tell us how we can become professional if we practice. For some girls, it would be more of an inspiration to be told this if women’s soccer was more celebrated. To me, being told of this just comes to show how we need more people to care about women’s soccer if it is ever going to become something great. It shows how much women’s soccer needs us.

I love women’s soccer and believe that someday it will become just as good as men’s. But right now, that day, is only a dream.

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