Kent, WA – March 26, 2010 – Golden Viking Sports, LLC,

The exclusive U.S. licensee of Diadora soccer footwear, apparel and accessories, is pleased to join forces with Indiana Youth Soccer to help protect the environment with the use of the new eco-friendly Diadora Terra Verde soccer kit. Diadora Terra Verde garments, which became available in February, are made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. The collection is the first eco-friendly soccer kit to take the field in the U.S. market.

Indiana Youth Soccer, based in Indianapolis, is a National State Association member of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and the United States Youth Soccer Association. The organization currently boasts more than 56,000 youth players, 8,000-plus active coaches, 3,000 referees, and thousands of volunteers through its network of more than 140 member clubs across the state. Because Indiana Youth Soccer’s vision extends to the health of the community and environment, the selection of Diadora Terra Verde apparel is a natural fit. “It is a truly a pleasure when a partnership provides a true win-win for all participants and the Diadora partnership that includes Avon Sports Apparel is just such a partnership,” said Dave Guthrie, Executive Director of Indiana Youth Soccer. “Diadora is providing Indiana Youth Soccer member clubs the opportunity to cost-effectively dress their teams in an attractive uniform derived from recycled water bottles. Indiana Youth’s Olympic Development Program’s pool players will be wearing Diadora Terra Verde uniforms later this year. Diadora, as another of the many benefits included in the agreement, is providing product to support Indiana Youth Soccer’s outreach programs, the Soccer Across America Program, and TOPSoccer.”
The Diadora Terra Verde apparel program currently features a jersey and short kit as well as a polo shirt, and other garments will be added for Spring 2011. The collection is made with durable, ecofriendly RETHINK fabric, which in turn is comprised of 100 percent recycled polyester derived from used soft drink and water bottles. In fact, the Terra Verde Jersey is made from 14 recycled water bottles.
According to environmental organizations, Americans throw away approximately 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour. This is alarming, particularly when one considers that recycling a single plastic bottle can conserve enough energy to light a 60-watt light bulb for up to six hours. Moreover, plastic can take upwards of 500 years to decompose. In the face of these and other statistics, both Diadora and Indiana Youth Soccer strongly believe in the importance of preserving and protecting our natural resources, and are committed to bringing the “green” message to players of all ages.

According to Bill Nuttall, President of Diadora and Golden Viking Sports, LLC, “We are excited to have an organization, with Indiana Youth Soccer’s success and history, be at the forefront of deciding to be eco-friendly. We look forward to beginning a partnership that benefits Indiana Youth Soccer and it’s member, Diadora and the environment.”

Golden Viking Sports, LLC is the official U.S. licensee of Diadora footwear, apparel and accessories for soccer. Based in Kent, WA, the company is proud to continue the Diadora brand’s 26-year tradition of providing superior products and services to the American soccer market.

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