“Quotes of the Week” for the fans worldwide

Each week we go back to the most significant reactions over the weekend action in all major European championships. Either the players, the coaches, or the managing board, we bring what nobody else does every weekend and for you to enjoy. All words are literally taken from the actors of the beautiful game with no alterations.

This week the 2014 World Cup Qualifiers Brazil are finally coming to an end with few teams already qualified (Argentina, Italy, Holland) and some upsets like Mexico or Portugal.

Here are some quotes from the actors of national teams:

Ukraine 0-0 England (England ahead with one point clear over Ukraine and montenegro – 2 games each left)

England manager Roy Hodgson

“Overall it was a big test for the players – and don’t forget we had lost seven players from the original squad.

“A lot of players had come into the squad who aren’t normally there and aren’t used to this level of performance and this level of pressure.

“So I think we have to be more than satisfied, especially as we gained the result without riding our luck in any way, we gained it because we were very good defensively”.

Belarus 2-4 France (France tied with Spain but 2 games left for Spain and 1 for France)

France manager Didier Deschamps:

“It was a complicated scenario which was not favorable to us in the first period . We had a lot of chances and that purpose to score was marked early in the second period when we were in time.. strong and it grows. However, the second goal hurt us. Afterwards, everything went well at the end of the game, but I do not hide the difficulties we have had the Belarus team was a great today. But this is not because we won 4-2 I’ll scream it is the most beautiful. There are still much to be done”.

Italy 2-1 Czech Republic (Italy win group, reach Brazil World Cup)

Italy coach Cesare Prandelli

We all wanted to win to seal this qualification… we’ve worked hard in the past three years. “We know our limits as well as our qualities and we have to work to eliminate the mistakes we make on the pitch. “We’re not the strongest players individually but collectively we produce our best and this helps to raise everyone’s game.”