2020 MLS Cup Final

The Columbus Crew wins their 2nd MLS Cup in club history (2008, 2020). The Crew handled the defending champions Seattle Sounders 3-0 in a game they controlled for the most part. Ahead after just 25 minutes, Columbus doubled only 5 minutes later to lead 2-0 at the break. 

Despite not having the ball with only a 35% possession, the Crew was more efficient and on target than the Sounders who came up empty in this game. Maybe the dramatic overturn against the Loons costed them as Columbus seemed unbeatable in this game. They added a third goal to seal the deal and win the Cup at home, 12 years later. The Crew becomes the 7th MLS team to earn multiple MLS Cup titles. In 2021, the Crew will have a new stadium in downtown. What a great farewell the MLS Cup is to the Mapfre Stadium. 

Man of the match Zelarayan

Lucas Zelerayan was undoubtedly the best player on the pitch tonight scoring two goals for his team and being a constant threat for the Sounders. The 28 tears old Argentinian delivered his best performance when the Crew needed it the most.   


Columbus coach Caleb Porter:

“What a long journey to this point. Started last year. You know, last year, first half of the year was rough. It was a rough start. Obviously it was a transition. But you saw midseason that we started to get our praying style going. We started to get players that could execute, and the mentality that is so important to winning started to grow.
And then this year, it carried right into this year from day one. I believe a championship is won in the day-to-day process: How you play; the mentality that you have. You know, our guys became winners this year. I said that after the last game. A lot of good players, a lot of good teams, but not all those players are winners, champions, and not all those teams are championship-caliber teams. You need to have a special fiber, and you need to fight and work and have a strong mentality, winning mentality, every single day.”