Premier League: West Brom 0-1 Chelsea

Unlikely heroe Mitchy Batshuayi scored the goal which crowned Chelsea champion of England for the sixth time in club’s history. It is also the second title in three years. 

After a lost season under Mourinho, the former Italian National Team and Juventus coach restored a winning culture to the club.

With no European competition this season the club could entirely focus  its efforts on the national level. Despite a slow start, Chelsea FC came out strong midway through the season and never looked back!

Coach Antonio Conte shares his emotions winning his first PL title on his first season:

‘I celebrated with my players which is normal after a great achievement like this,’ said the Italian. ‘They wet me after the celebrations with the fans, they poured champagne and beer over me so I had to change my clothes, my suit is a disaster now. I’m wearing the tracksuit but I’m living a very important moment. I’m enjoying it a lot because when you put a lot of passion, enthusiasm and hours into your work, and you don’t sleep, when you arrive in the moment it’s only right to celebrate with my fans, staff and the club. It’s a dream which is coming true.

The Arsenal game was frustrating for me because I didn’t see anything of my work and my idea of football. I found the strength to change, to take responsibility to change systems and find a new fit for the players. It was the key moment for us because every single player found in the system their best.

‘Our season didn’t start in the right way, we had many problems, not only one. To find the right solution quickly wasn’t easy and for this I want to say thanks to my players because they trust in a new work and new philosophy. This result is for the attitude and behaviour of my players.

‘I want to say thanks to our fans because they pushed a lot in every game, home and away. They deserve this.’

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