Real Madrid expectedly triumphed their intense “Madrid derby” semi final against Athletico on Wednesday night despite losing 2-1 at Vicente Caldron and sealed their second consecutive European final spot in Cardiff to face off Juventus next month. Zidan’s side have deservedly managed to keep their game defined advantage and amid the early storm from their host side that seen as a rising sudden pressure when fired two goals inside the 20 minutes the visitors shortly after stamped what would be described as the winning mentality and extraordinary depth of competitiveness. they have shown a superior tactical edge and significant degree of experience proved decisive for Madrid’s victory. Real Madrid’s performance ideally underlined many pivotal facts and sensational impressions in confirming their iconic European legacy that now would be fairly considered as overachieved. their shape of tactical set up appeared to be as sharp as their fantastic form of last few weeks, relying in an energetic and intelligent high tempo midfield play in shape of three adapted lying passers of Casemiro, Modric and Kroos whom once again supervised the centerpiece of game’s ultimately defined tempo to inspire the attacking transitions equally as productive as their intended pressing movements displayed across the back line. while the main objective was centralized to resist their opponent’s intended offensive play Zidan’s forward men on the end of spectrum provided a much needed flash of productivity to frustrate their host side with Benzema and Isco desirably produced flashes of creativity either side of Ronaldo, hugely involved to their confident performance all the way through. Athletico have shown their eagerness to generate quick open link up plays to supply Griezmann and Torres up front with their midfielders joining higher up the pitch to force Madrid dropping deep into their own half, indeed they nearly sparked hopes when first Niquez scored a beautiful header off the corner before Carrasco’s fine link up with Torres resulted in a penalty which was converted by Griezmann, but they were denied to push the limit beyond that point as Real delightfully offered vital tactical vibrancy from initial pressing approach to a deeply dimension of attacking flair that seemed as a quick response when Benzema showcased a dazzling glimpse of dribbling skills in breaking three Athletico’s extreme pressing on the edge of corner before his set up was being executed to a fine finish from Isco at the end. the constant interactions of Real’s midfield men to generate opening play off the pressing was joined to anticipate winning vital spaces to exchange short passes and igniting strings of crafty combinations with forward plays to stretched the host side and their tactic surely dictated the pace of match all the way through.

final verdict: Real vs Juventus; the match will be technically considered as the most classic battle in nearly last decade; two extraordinarily balanced teams with a fully adapted tactical vision, reliable structural set up both in terms of sharp and superior tactical integration, individual class and experienced mentality that are emphasized based on an incredibly well defined positional understanding, collective depth of structural awareness that is perfected from individual and overall squad’s perspective and lastingly for their fully adapted quality of playing at this stage of tournament. Juventus have surely transformed their glorious heritage of domestic Italian league’s domination into a far reaching European Pedigree which had been their permanent vision of historic legacy that seem all set to be achieved. their performances this season witnessed an amazing level of consistency, brilliant tactical vision and a sublime form of strategic cohesiveness en route to the final. Dani Alves would be practically considered a most prolific season inspired asset in leading Italian elite side without a doubt; his exceptional caliber of tactical adaptation, sheer instinctive positional awareness mixed with experience and sheer enthusiam provided a further depth of quality provided to the Italian champions; as a flexible and adapted wide creator that mastered a dual role of full back and winger on both sides of defensive and offensive spectrum the Brazilian amplified a winning factor in attack; he beautifully created Higuain’s two winning goal in the first leg against Monaco that was offered by his ample skill and precision and it was him that ultimately sealed his side’s victory when smacking an unstoppable inch perfected long range volley in the second leg that will be remained in the memories for very long time. perhaps Barcelona have regretted the entire season for losing him to Italian side as his fantastic technical instinct and sublime vision clearly were seen as the major reason of Barcelona’s defused playmaking efficiency in lacking dynamism and spark caused on the right flank this season. the integration of cohesive central midfield set up in reliance of Miralem Pjanic, Semir Khedira and Claudio Marchisio off the bench has amplified a sustainable transparency in mastering their defensive pressing strategy and igniting a fluid passing combination that was defined by open possession effort simply has been their dominant attribute, accordingly the idea had a major inspiration that is Paulo Dybala; The Argentinian is considered one of the most gifted and promising young talents across the European football and ultimately inserted a flash of creativity and flair to their attack, he boasts technical skills, blistering pace, playmaking vision and finishing instinct that allow him to play as a central orchestrator behind strikers, wide creator or as a lying forward in the formation of five midfield line which is focusing on the role of three deep creators interacting with two wing backs in attack either in the form of deep holding partnerships when team is building up the open play in the midfield or when igniting the tempo of attacking transitions with four men across the line, Dybala is capable of producing a timely pace and penetrative combinations with his fellow countryman Higuain ideally, while Mandzukic has been influential weapon In elevating more versatility when pushing as a wide striker on the left, constantly drifting inside to win spaces for midfield to keep the ball and consistently switching fine overlaps with Sandro out wide to spark fluid change of pace to penetrate back line’s press which is confirmed why Juventus is tactically so flexible to exploit killing punch. the lynchpin of their marvelous defensive strategy is obviously created by their “back three” factor, Chielini, Barzagli and Banochi have boasted a world class experience, incredible positional awareness and superior leadership attributes that would be described possibly as the best back line ever existed in the modern era, their timely anticipation of tracking positions, intercepting attacker’s build up, intelligent man marking tasks and consistent mobility to switch the open run leading to build up for their midfield have identified them with a term such as “impossible bridge to cross”.

Real Madrid have yet again rejuvenated their historical claim of being  classified as the most decorated and successful team in the history of this competition by reaching the final in an arguably dramatic era of rollercoaster they have experienced this season. their dynamic, flexible and delightful mix of reliable tactical commitment and efficient attacking strategy appeared as their key strength, Benzema and Isco provided glimpse of flair and individual brilliance in the second leg, while Marcelo was their most reliable force and their well balanced and cohesive midfield coordination in reliance of Modric, Kroos and Casemiro have essentially dictated far more productive extent to their sheer balance of transition and incisiveness to maintain their style and efficiency on both attacking and defensive perspective during many noticeable challenges this time around. as good they are to defend and limiting opponent’s attack when anticipating off the ball mobility with instantaneous switching between the lines for central players shifting wide to join full backs pressing like Casemiro and often Kroos with aim to track open runs and rapidly forming neat short link up involving Modrid, kroos and Isco that brilliantly intend to generate plenty of possession they become comfortable with strings of fiercely fluid, accurate and speedy combination plays that indicate many crucial points; it amplifies spontaneous change of high tempo to exploit gap behind opponent’s midfield and once it offers space and time to creative players like Modrid and Isco they are capable of igniting crafty neat passing sequences to interchange with Ronaldo and wide drifters like Benzema and even Bale or Asencio whom usually offer explosive runs to penetrate behind defensive lines in a formidably dynamic rhythm which applies continuity to their vibrancy of passing fluidity and efficient decision making play in the final third; as a result it denies space and time to opponent to repress once being exposed to Madrid’s forward runners. Their series of beautiful play and extent of fluid dimension of directness  positional accuracy, energetic breaking runs and productive finishing have shown many evidences this season that how Madrid are so reliable and adapted to win games.

who is going to win? both Juve and Madrid are fully capable of indicating a confident strategy to press, control the match and supervised the vital tempo and quality to attack and win matches, will Ronaldo be able to break Juve’s brilliant back three or Madrid midfield taking a reinforcement approach to intensity their physical and speedy play against Italian’s perfectly balanced midfield and equally conceding the risk of opening gaps that would be exposed by Higuain and Dybala to create scoring chances? or will the Italian side become more eager to pull triggers in dictating the tempo of midfield and frustrating  Real’s vulnerable back line all around? this will be considered the most exciting and classic European final in arguably best fashion. two sides enjoy a fair share of incredible pedigree, brilliant history, superior football philosophy but will be in sharp contrast as one accept tear and the other writing new history.