Reaction to Bayern v Basel

Uli Hoeneß: “That’s the second time the team has shown what they’re capable of. Watching that was really enjoyable. The last two games were football at a very high level.”

Jupp Heynckes: “All credit to my team. With today’s performance, they picked up seamlessly from last Saturday. During training this week, I sensed that the team were utterly determined to get through, we were totally focused. Today we played top football from the start to the finish. We went out and did what we set out to do: score an early goal. After going a goal up, we were very smart, very calm, and very skilful. Our positioning and organisation were very good and we set up camp in their half time and time again. I was very pleased about that. Overall, it was a perfect match. The second and third goals came at a psychologically good time. Basel were demoralised after that. We showed we wanted to wrap it up and progress to the quarter-finals.”

Philipp Lahm: “Once you’re three or four goals up, you can start enjoying a game like that. But it was very hard work up to then. We knew we had to keep a clean sheet, and the early goal did us good. We knew that if we could take the lead, we’d be difficult to beat. We have attacking players who can settle the issue in one-on-one situations.”

Mario Gomez: “The weekend game against Hoffenheim was important. The basic mood was good, and the fans cheered us on. We put them under pressure from the start, and then we got the early goal. All in all, we were outstanding tonight. The biggest plus is that our confidence is back. We have to build on that.”

Arjen Robben: “That was great. We did well on Saturday and that was good. We may have been even better tonight. Seven goals in the Champions League – that’s unbelievable! I sensed we were on the up after we played Schalke. In Leverkusen, we just didn’t get a goal. Since then, we’ve been outstanding.”

Thomas Müller: “We applied pressure and we varied our play. The second and third goals before half-time were important, it was a shock for Basel. We worked ourselves up into a frenzy after that, and everything we tried came off. The whole team had the right attitude today and we were in good shape. A fully deserved win.”

Heiko Vogel (Basel coach): “We’re gutted, because you never want to lose like that. But you’ve also got to say it wasn’t undeserved. Bayern worked themselves up into a frenzy, and we had nothing with which to resist. We’ve been knocked out, and I think the margin of victory was deserved. We’ve lost to a Bayern side who were on fire. We’ve been shown our limits, although we didn’t learn anything new.”