2019 Europa League Final in Baku

Arsenal and Chelsea are set to face and play for the Europa League title tomorrow. Chelsea look to add another trophy since 2012 and 2013 when the club won successively the Champions League and Europa League. It will be Eden Hazard’s last game with Chelsea prior to move on to play with Real Madrid from next season.

The Belgian superstar comments on the importance of this game:

“If we win the Europa League this season can still be good. Okay, it is not perfect because you want to compete in the Premier League and in the FA Cup but the way we are playing, we have been improving for two months. We had some bad news with injuries but we are strong mentally and if in Baku we have a good approach to the game we can do something good.

It is a European competition. So for me, for the club, for the manager and for the fans it is something important. When you play a final, it does not matter whether it is the Champions League, Europa League or League Cup. You just want to win, you just want to bring the trophy back home and you want to celebrate that.

We lost the final of the Carabao Cup three months ago and at end a good season is a season of trophies so we go for that. I cannot play for another club in the country [England]. No chance. I am a Blue!

I just want to win the trophy, that’s it. It does not matter the game or if I score, I just want to bring back the trophy and if it is the last game, I hope to bring the trophy back.”

Emery, the specialist

Arsenal have the opportunity for another Final after 13 years and the Champions League final loss to Barcelona in 2006. Arsenal’s coach Emery, has won the trophy 3 times with FC Sevilla between 2014 and 2016. He will surely have some tips for his players as they walk on the pitch. 

He shares his views before the Final in Azerbaijan:

“I think our supporters want to come with us and enjoy with us in the stadium because there are not a lot of times you can play in a final in Europe. the most important target is the possibility to win a title and enjoy a moment like that. Each title is very important for a team like Arsenal and Chelsea in England and in Europe. We want to enjoy this moment thinking of our supporters.

We did a a good way in this competition and we feel a lot do something together in this competition. We started with two targets. One is to win the Europa League and the second is reaching the Champions League through the Premier League. We can do two objectives tomorrow. We can win one title and also play with the opportunity to go to the Champions League.

Above all we want to enjoy and play with all our good spirit. Also I think this competition is improving a lot and over the last years big teams have played in the final. I hope that in the future Chelsea and Arsenal could be a final in the Champions League! We have a lot of very good players. Some of the best players in the world, so it’s a very good moment for football in the world.

I want to help Arsenal to achieve everything and all the possibilities in our way. One is a Europa League title, and another is to keep improving to achieve the best position in the football world for Arsenal. I think in the history, the present and the future Arsenal will be in the 10 best teams of the world. Our objective is to achieve that”.