Premier League matchday 22: Chelsea 2-0 Hull City

It is still very early and a long way to go with 48 points left on the table to be collected but Chelsea is armed to go after the Premier League title. They have a solid eight points cushion over the second place Arsenal and the best defense in the League as well as the best goal differential. Chelsea is the team to beat and the clear favorite to succeed to Leicester, the former champions fighting against relegation. 

Coach Conte speaks out after the game:

“This game wasn’t our best but I think that’s normal because we are in the second part of the season and the points are important for us and the other team. They were important for Hull because they are in the relegation zone. We faced a good team with good organisation. They changed their system to play against us.

After this weekend you can see that when I say this league is very difficult and no game is easy, that’s the reality. A lot of our opponents dropped points. It’s not easy to play the last game of the weekend and know the results of the other teams. In different aspects there was pressure on us. We had to exploit this weekend and it’s not easy.

In my experience as a footballer I won and lost titles four games from the end. Now, we have an eight-point lead and there are 16 games to play. We have good experience and understand this league will be very tough until the end. To win this type of game and exploit the situation with other teams dropping points is important, but I’m sure it will be tough until the end. To be in this position is fantastic because at the start of the season nobody would have thought it.”

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