Premier League matchday 22: Arsenal 2-1 Burnley

Arsenal has been dramatic yet again this season. When it is not Olivier Giroud who sealed the victory or a point for the Gunners then it is Alexis Sanchez who gave the three points today to the team with a very late penalty. Down to 10 men right after the hour mark, Arsenal let Burnley comeback late with a penalty as we entered the added time at the end of regulation. But when everybody thought the game was over, Arsenal got awarded also a penalty ia few minutes later to win it 2-1. 

Arsenal climbs to second place behind Chelsea and benefit from the surprising defeat of Liverpool at home against Swansea and the draw of the Spurts at Man City. 

Coach Wenger reacts on the dramatic victory: 

“I feel it was an intense game where we played against a team who made the game very uncomfortable for us, but we had to be patient and not to make defensive mistakes with their direct game, which we did quite well. But once we were 1-0 up we made it even more complicated by going down to 10 men and then of course it was a bit on the edge. But they didn’t create chances, not many, but they looked dangerous always on set-pieces, on long balls and I felt it was a bit frustrating after we conceded a penalty. Coquelin says he didn’t touch him, but I haven’t seen it, but in the end we still got an unlikely win because when you are 10 against 11 with two minutes to go, it’s difficult to win the game. But we are a team who keeps going no matter what happens and that’s a good quality.
It was an important game, but not a decisive game. I think at the moment what is more important is for us to build a run, to have a consistency in our results. That is more important than to look at the table, because I think we have built a strong run after we lost two games. Now we are in a position where we have to build up a run, so every game of course helps to create confidence and belief.”

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