Premier League day 16: Bournemouth 2-1 Manchester United

Man Utd failed for the second time in 4 days away. After being eliminated from the Champions League on Wednesday, the Red Devils failed to to the promoted club of Bournemouth that also won at Chelsea last week. Man United missed a chance to join Man City on top of the table before Leicester and Arsenal play respectively.

Coach van Gaal reacts:

On the result: “It is very disappointing because, in spite of the early goal, we came on very well in the match, scored an equaliser and we created more chances to score a second goal. We didn’t do that in the first half but we had the feeling in the players, the management and the staff that we could win this game. Then the set-play causes the second goal of Bournemouth and you cannot accept it as a player or a manager. But it has happened and then you know in, this kind of game, the club who scores the second goal is mostly the winner and they are also pressing the ball every time so it is also very difficult to come again in your game. That is how I have seen this game.”

On not scoring a second goal after netting an equaliser through Marouane Fellaini: “Yes, I have to say that in the second half, we played less but that is also I think the reason that we could not dominate the game because they always could have escaped through their striker Joshua King. That was a pity. They have created, in the second half, only chances out of set-plays and we have also created chances out of play on the pitch. Fellaini had a lot of chances but you have to score.”

On the thinking behind Nick Powell replacing Fellaini: “You have to try something and we were not the dominant team so you have to change something in the position of the players, so you hope that he contributes to the making of a goal and we have tried that.”

On turning United’s form around this week: “It is always the same, even when you win – you have to do the same things but, when you lose, then it is more difficult because every player is very disappointed. The silence in the dressing room was big. Of course I have already spoken but it takes a long time. We have to train, we have to prepare for Norwich City and we have to beat them. That is our aim and purpose but it is, of course, more difficult when you lose two times in a row. It is a very bad moment to lose. We have to put the heads up again and believe in ourselves because that is also very important. We have to prepare for this match in the same way as we always do.”

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