Chelsea is approaching its goal of winning the Premier League after dominating a title contender at home 3-1. Chelsea left no chance to Arsenal and with 59 points the team is almost guaranteed a Champions League spot for next season. But obviously, the Italian coach, Antonio Conte has greater aspirations for the club and although he pointed out that “there are 14 games to play and 42 points to take”, the Blues are in very strong and favorable position to succeed to Leicester City.

He continues:

‘For sure today it was important to win against our rival for the title. When you have this type of situation you must exploit it. Arsenal showed us they are a great team with great players, and if you don’t play with good organisation, talent and will to fight, and with a good will to work together defensively and offensively, you risk losing this type of game.

We must be pleased with the great atmosphere we played in today. I am pleased for our fans to see us play this type of football. Now it’s important to celebrate this win, but then, from tomorrow, it’s important to think about the next game against Burnley, a very dangerous team at home. But the league is not finished today. We must continue to work very hard if we want to realize a dream.

I don’t sleep and I don’t want my players to sleep. In my squad, I have a lot of players with good experience who have won a lot in their career, and they know we haven’t won the title now. In my career as a player, I won a lot, but I lost a lot. When you lose three Champions League finals and you win only one, you have great hunger. During my experience as a footballer I won a title with eight points more, and another time I lost in the same way.

For this reason, I think I have a bit of experience to manage this situation and try to keep our antennas very high.’

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