Premier League matchday 24: Chelsea 3-1 Arsenal

The London derby was probably the last chance for Arsenal to catch up on Chelsea. However, the Gunners were dominated from start to finish conceding three goals before Giroud improved his personal record with another goal late when the game was over… The defeat sends Arsenal  12 points behind its city rivals Chelsea. In other words, unless a miracle Arsenal has NO chance to be crowed champion… a story that seems to repeat year after year. 

Coach Wenger speaks about the loss:

“For me it’s very difficult to come out individually on players after a big disappointment like that. Certainly individually we were not at our best in some positions and it’s very difficult to speak about that straight after the game.

We lost many balls in positions you can’t afford to lose it when you play teams who are good on the counter-attack. Overall look at all their shots – our keeper had not a lot to save today, even if I concede that we did not create enough as well in the final third. It was a kind of game that Chelsea love and they mastered that very well.”

On Chelsea: 

“They look at the moment in full confidence, powerful, strong, they don’t concede goals. It’s for them to lose it. They are in the best position, they don’t play in Europe, they can wait every week for the next game and prepare properly. They are in a very, very strong position.”

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