To Prove Once and for All which Team has the Most Devoted Fans!

NEW YORK, NY – Valores de la Familia Hispana (VFH), an organization created solely to help Hispanics integrate into American culture while keeping them connected to their homeland, announced today its VFH Soccer Challenge!  Soccer fans can vote for their favorite team up to 5 times per household at to guarantee their team is internationally recognized as having the most devoted fans.

Spain may have won the World Cup last year in South Africa but do they really have the best team and fans?  The Argentineans think they’re superior yet Colombians feel the same way as do the Guatemalans, and so on.  So who really has the BEST TEAM?  Prove it!

With the FIFA U-20 World Cup coming to Colombia July 29th, VFH wants to know who soccer fans think should be the champions.  VFH will announce the winner Monday, August 1st so fans have a month to get their votes in!

“Regardless of the outcome on August 20th,  the last day of the match, the ‘real’ winning team will be presented with a plaque from VFH, congratulating them on ‘having the most devoted fans,’ making them the actual best soccer team in the world,” said Ana Grijalva, spokesperson for VFH.  “Soccer is the most popular sport in the world with the most devoted fans ever so it will be interesting to see which country has the most people supporting its team.

For more information, contact Maria Morales-Prieto of THN Public Relations at (516) 319-9576 or  You can also visit

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