By Kevin Hartmann

Colombia has just played against Bolivia in “Copa America” played in Argentina. Colombia’s team has demonstrated during this international cup that they have the potential to compete in a real high level with the countries of the zone. The numbers confirm the real good presentation of Colombia so far in this cup. They played against Costa Rica in their first match and won 1-0; later on, they played against Argentina, the big power of the south, and the game ended up tied without scoring; finally, when they played against Bolivia, Colombia won 2-0 with goals of “the tiger”, Falcao García.

The Colombian coach, Hernan Darío Gomez, has played with the same team during the three games of the groups phase and the same scheme. Indeed, Gomez almost didn’t switch the team at all in the game against Argentina. The tactics played in this cup must change for the quarter finals. I’m not saying that the coach has to change it all, but he’s got to try different players in different positions in the field. Soto, for instance is a player who can control the ball in his feet and make some pauses, that eventually make the team think and move within the field in order to put themselves in a better attacking position.

Is certain that Colombia has a great team, with names that give quite a comfort to the people, and the team managers. But, what has been an issue during these last decade is the absence of scoring from the attackers of the team, which paradoxically are the best players in their clubs.

Colombia has to review its tactics in order to be a more offensive team in the finals phase, because there’s no second chance of winning in those instances at all. The team has to be more offensive in to ensure the victories, because soccer’s bottom line is scoring goals with a good attacking technique.

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