Ligas BBVA week 17: Real Madrid 3-1 Real Sociedad

With the victory Real Madrid retakes the lead before FC Barcelona plays and just followed by Atletico Madrid. The three teams are likely to be in contention for the title until the last weeks of la Liga 2015-16 season.

Coach Benitez reacts to the victory and CR7’s performance:

 “I congratualted Cristiano and the whole team. They’ve all played together at a time when it was important to show character and personality. Cristiano, despite missing a penalty, took the responsibility and led the team forward. The hard work and the reaction were both good and we have to continue along the same path”.

It’s the story of the last 30 years. Possession, creating chances, direct football. We’re a team that has possession, but we also have speed and play direct. It’s importnant to mix it up. Today we could have put the game to bed in the first half but we weren’t able to. I’m happy with the reaction of the team. We scored 3 goals and it could have been more”. 

In the first half we had more possession, in the second a bit less. All the team that come here raise their game. They got their goal but we were able to react. I saw character, personality and a team that knew how to react. I concentrate on the next match and this was against Real Sociedad and the next one is Valencia. The important thing is to be prepared to do the job as well as possible”  

In general terms we try to keep the team together and make the most of our forward players. The spaces created allow us to move the ball and in the defensive phase we have to regroup. A lot of these players have an attacking mentality which makes it more complicated. That’s why this team scores a lot of goal and finds it harder to defend”. 

Wishes for 2016 
“When we win we’re always happy. What I want is that the team continues to win games and that the fans enjoy the victories, playing well and winning a title. We’ll weigh everything up at the end. We’re on the right path because the team reacted well and it will continue to get better”. 

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