Liga BBVA week 17: FC Barcelona 4-0 Betis Sevilla

FC Barcelona scored a total of 180 goals in 2015, which is the highest total for one year. Last record was 178 made by Real Madrid in 2014. Out of the 180 golas, 137 have been scored by the magical trio Messi, Suarez, Neymar – 48-48-41 respectively. there are without any doubt the most flamboyant forward in the game now and maybe one of the best a team has ever had in the history.

Coach Luis Enrique looks now ahead to 2016 as the Blaugrana have retaken top spot to Real Madrid:

“I don’t dwell on memories and 2015 is in the past. Now I’m interested in 2016 and being the best again. That’s what professionals do. The beginning of the game was jumbled up, there weren’t many scoring chances, and we had a tough time circulating the ball. 

As far as intensity, we continued as we have done throughout the year, which is the best message we can send the fans heading into 2016.

“Everyone can get better. The players, the coaches, and all the people that form part of this Club. There is very little difference between Europe’s big clubs and we have to keep working hard.”

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