While soccer is an exhilarating sport to watch, an excellent one to play, and an interesting one to talk about, it is also a great pastime upon which to place a bet. After all, with so many teams, outcomes, and players to place money on, there is always fun to be had as you watch the action unfold with anticipation – have you made the right choices or not?

Discover the best betting strategies

As with most sports there are numerous strategies that can be put into play when you’re betting on a soccer match, and there are a variety of the game’s elements that you can place money on. For example, you can bet on the outcome of a game, including which team will win and by how many goals, which players will perform best or worst, the number of red and yellow cards brought into play, the substitutions made, and even the length of time the match will last for. For a game that sounds relatively simple to play, there are so many ways to make, or lose, your money.

When it comes to strategies, accumulator bets are perhaps one of the most popular betting strategies, particularly when it comes to placing money on a soccer game. This strategy involves making certain predictions about a game and then consolidating those into one single bet, hence the name, ‘accumulator.’ While this type of betting strategy has the potential to yield the biggest and best results for gamblers, it is also one of the riskiest; every one of your predictions must be right in order for you to win. Double chance is another strategy that is relatively popular, particularly with those new to betting. For this type of bet you have two chances to predict the outcome of a game, assuming that there are three possible outcomes to begin with. The odds for double chance tend to be much lower, although riskier games can yield better results. Unlike the previous strategies, which involve betting FOR an outcome, lay betting involves gambling against the result, and can be used in conjunction with back bets – or betting in favor of an outcome – to double your chances of winning, hence the term ‘hedging your bets,’ which means to bet against yourself in the hopes of striking a win.

Betting as a serious business

There are ways to turn the odd flutter into a money-making scheme, of course. If you want to double your odds of winning there are a few simple tips to follow. For example, get to know your game. Understand how soccer works, read up on statistics, and follow the news, as well as being sure to learn how to interpret different kinds of betting strategies inside and out. Choosing the bookie who will handle your bet is also something not be taken lightly; always use a reputable company to reduce the risk of betting in vain. If betting on American soccer isn’t holding your attention any longer, following the international leagues can add a whole new dimension to your betting and enjoyment. The UK, for example, has some of the best teams on the planet, as well as an avid online betting industry. If you’re unsure where to start you international betting career, try visiting an online gateway, such as Bookie Planet, which will introduce you to a range of different UK betting sites. From there you’ll be able to navigate the often overwhelming world of soccer betting and discover a whole new realm to your favorite hobby.

Betting on soccer can be as enjoyable as watching or playing the game itself, but it is essential to understand what you’re getting into before any money is exchanged – after all, with so many strategies to get your head around, odds to double, and international teams to choose between, betting on soccer can become a lot more complicated than any game.

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