Chelsea have concluded a positive week after a very slow start in the Premier League by first winning clearly 4-0 in Champions League and signing another clean sheet against Arsenal. Hazard also scored who also is having a slow start of the season. 

BPL day 6: Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal 

Here is what Mourinho had to say post-game after both victories:

Chelsea 4-0 Maccabi – ‘We hadn’t won a game for so long so it’s a good feeling. the last two seasons we didn’t start well in the Champions League at home. We put ourselves in a situation where we had to win points away. In this moment these three points plus Porto’s draw with Dynamo gives us a good situation.’

On Arsenal victory – ‘It was a very good performance, a deserved victory, I’m happy with the performance and points.

‘We improved a lot in the last two matches, in many aspects.  Defensively the team was much better. The attacking players defended much better than before, they created a compact zone and reacted very well to the moments when they lost the ball. That gives great stability for the players behind. 

‘We were confident and comfortable with the ball. When you play against 10 men, many times teams play bad, but we played very well against 10 men, we gave them no chances and kept good balance behind the ball. The attacking players started moving much more. We deserved the victory.’

 I thought Arsenal would come to play a defensive game, with a very fast striker who gets behind people. If we didn’t need to win the game so much we probably would have kept our block lower and more compact, but because we desperately needed a victory we couldn’t wait, we had to bring our defensive line up.

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