Premier League week 29: Tottenham 2-2 Arsenal

Tottenham (2nd) and Arsenal (3rd) stay at the same position after the draw. Leicester extended their lead in same time with a victory at Watford 1-0.

Coach Arsene Wenger (Arsenal) reacts on the draw:

on Arsenal showing character…

I feel we have. We showed good attitude and character and I’m happy and proud of our performance and attitude. We refused to lose the game. We have as well big regrets because I could not see how 11 against 11 could have dropped points today. We made a mistake at 1-0 when it was 11 against 11 but even though we had a shock loss and it went to 2-1, we refused to lose the game. We always looked dangerous going forward.

on if Arsenal are still in the title race…

I don’t know because I don’t know what to say about that. Everybody drops points so let’s see what happens over the weekend. I think we have to take encouragement from our performance today and we have to produce that until the end of the season then we might have a chance.

on the best chance they have had…

I don’t know. Maybe yes. Last year we had no chance but now I don’t know. Three or four years ago we were in the race. It shows that the team has quality and spirit and our balance was right today. We looked dangerous going forward, well organised in midfield and at the back and we moved the ball well. We had a solid performance.

on the pressure…

I must tell you that the pressure from our supporters is relentless and I’m in a good position to tell you that. We have to deal with that. We have to go on a run again. We play on Tuesday night an important game and then we will see if we will play in the FA Cup or the Premier League. We want to win our games.

on last year’s run…

We will see. Leicester plays at Watford, if they win the game they are in a strong position. We are in a position where we not only depend on our own results but the results of teams like Leicester”.

Coach Pochettino (Tottenham) is disappointed by the result:

“The feeling at the end is not so good but we have to be proud of our players. The effort was fantastic and it has been from the beginning of the season. 

We started really well, dominated and pushed them to play deeper on the counter-attack. We were unlucky to concede a goal with their first attempt. It’s true, it was difficult to come back from there and turn the result around. When we scored the second goal we were in a good position but it is Arsenal in front of us, they have some good players and you can concede.

You feel a little disappointed because in the last few minutes we wanted to score again yet we (knew we) could concede some chances. It’s always difficult to play against 10 men as well. We need to feel proud and pleased with the effort of the players. Now we need to keep working hard, we’re in a good position, we’ve kept the distance from Arsenal and it’s in our hands.”

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