Week 29: Manchester City 4-0 Aston Villa

Manchester City did not have to force their talent against a weak and almost relegated Aston Villa side. 

Coach Pellegrini reacts on the game:

“All the teams will lose points from now until the end of the season. The pressure comes more towards the end so experience will be important.b We need other teams to lose points – we are not just depending on what we can do. We are going to play every game as a final.

We need to close the gap if Arsenal, Leicester and Tottenham lose points. It is very important. In my first season, we had three games postponed – that’s why we are always coming back to win the title. We always have the chance in our hand.

It was very important to score four goals against Aston Villa. We always try to be a scoring team. We try to be the highest scoring team in the Premier League. We always try to play in an offensive way so to do it – especially against Aston Villa who had nine men behind the ball – will give us a lot of trust. It was important to be patient. We didn’t play badly in the first-half – we created chances but we just didn’t score.

Fortunately, we were able to score the four goals in the second half. It’s a team game – not an individual game but players who can make a difference are important and Sergio makes a difference. Three weeks ago, before we lost against Leicester and Tottenham, we had important players injured. When you have your best players, of course it is better for the team. When you don’t have them, it is important that the squad plays well”.

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