Week 28: Real Madrid 7-1 Celta Vigo

Cristiano Ronaldo scores a quadruple and responded to critics after the loss in the derby against Atletico de Madrid.

Coach Zidane reacts on the win:

“We discussed something during the break. In the first half there was an opponent playing, a good side that also had something to show. We came out really strongly in the second half, very switched on in attack and with more pressure. When you score a goal things are easier.

I will take away Cristiano’s performance. People whistling from time to time is a part of football, not only at Cristiano. The fans are demanding while also knowing the players well and wanting more from them. That is good in order to improve and do more. We always need to do more. You know about Cristiano, he is capable of scoring four goals, and few players can do that. Therefore he is unique.

Cristiano’s shot
It is unique. I maybe hit the ball well from closer in. I never scored four goals. Few players can have that feeling. He is at Madrid, he is strong, good, and capable of scoring four goals in 35 minutes. I am delighted when I see him scoring.

The important thing is to know who we’re playing against. Celta have a few weaknesses as well as some strong points. Their three or four players up front are tremendous. Tactically, the most important thing is to differentiate between when you have the ball and when you don’t. When you don’t have the ball you have to defend well and as a unit. Going forward we have a lot of quality. We have to communicate, be unified and strong when we don’t have the ball. When we have the ball I’m not worried.

The idea is that they all play. They are all great players. It’s difficult to choose the team. When a player comes in and plays their game that is the most important. Today all the changes gave a bit more energy and this is great for a manager”.

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