Premier League fixture 5: Hull City 1-4 Arsenal

It is the third consecutive victory for Arsenal in the Premier League and a good end of a positive week. after bringing home a good point from Paris in the Champions League.

Coach Arsene Wenger rects on the current form:
“I think overall we had a convincing performance in two different situations. 11 against 11, I thought we played well. When you play 11 against 10, it is, of course, not the same mentally and psychologically. But we remained serious and in the end we won the game in a convincing way, I would say overall. But we had a very difficult game against Southampton last week, then went away to Paris Saint-Germain. It’s an away game, so you are happy with the three points”.

on the start to the season…
“Look, we had a big shock in our first game and I said straight away after that first game that we face a mental test to see how well we respond. We went away to Leicester and to Watford straightaway. So overall I think we responded well. We were not ready physically at the start of the season, we are now much better so let’s hope we can continue our improvement”.

on three consecutive league wins…
“You could tell during the week how well we fought to get a point at PSG. We’ve got a lot of great characters in that dressing room and the players that have come in and have settled in very well. We’ve been in this situation before but we need to make sure that the next step now is Tuesday’s match. We don’t really want to be concentrating on what’s going to happen. We can only control ourselves, not anything else. If we do that, I’m sure we can have a very successful season”.

Theo Walcott on his 100th career goal…
“The three points is the main thing. We had a very tough game against Southampton, we got a great point at PSG in the week and we’ve been tested this week with a coupe of away games. Hull wasn’t going to be easy – they’ve had a very good start and I think they’ll take a lot of points against teams here. Sometimes people say it’s a lot easier when teams go down to 10 men but it is very difficult to be honest, because you need to break them down. Giving away the penalty was a bit scary but the guys fought on well and Alexis got his deserved goal”.

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