La Liga week 4: Leganes 1-5 FC Barcelona

Following the unbelievable and shocking home defeat to the promoted Deportivo Alves 2-1 at Camp Nou, FC Barcelona refocused with two splashing victories 6-0 in Champions League and in La Liga 5-1. A plethora of goals from the trident Messi, Neymar, Suarez.

Coach Enrique comments on the win:

“We were pretty inspired and very active from the start. We would have suffered much more if we’d been caught napping.

“Leganés were valiant and daring. They put pressure on us man to man and that make it harder for us to get the ball moving.

Their pressure made us uneasy, but it meant we could create space. We were confident about the way the game was going and all that space meant we could create goal scoring chances. We’ll face all kinds of situations over the season and we have to learn to master them all.

We dealt with three-on-three situations really well in defense. The same goes for the attack, and with the players we have up front, we had to take our chances. We still have to improve, but I liked today’s approach.

That’s three of the seven games in 23 days out of the way. We have to make sure we manage the playing time right because the most important thing is to make sure we win games.

We know we have a long season ahead of us and that’s why we’ll need all the players, both as individuals and as a unit. We have made changes – we have another game in four days’ time and we have to share the workload. You can’t get through a season with just eleven players.”

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