Premier League gameweek 14: West Ham United FC 1-5 Arsenal

Thanks to Alexis Sanchez’s hat-trick, Arsenal sits in the second place in the table with an empathic win in another London derby. The Chilean has scored 5 goals in the last two Premier League games and is now tied with Diego Costa (Chelsea) for the highest number of goals scored so far this season.

Coach Arsenal, Wenger, reacts to the victory with four goals in the last 20 minutes:

“We had a strong team performance for 90 minutes with very few weaker periods. There is only one regret: that we didn’t take our chances in the first half. We were a bit short with 1-0 up at half-time and we know how it plays on the mind. Then you think you could pay for that, but we maintained the pressure on West Ham and overall we finished in a very strong way. We were always dangerous, when we lost the ball in their final third we won it quickly back. When we were on the breaks, we looked always pacy to make the difference. Maybe as well we were patient enough when we had the domination to keep the ball well and it was a strong team performance today.

felt overall, on our side, we had a stronger defensive performance today and to be completely objective I must say as well that West Ham have less confidence at the moment that they had last year at the same period. They have, at the moment, two handicaps. They are playing in a new ground. We have gone through that, it’s not completely comfortable, especially if it’s added with a lack of confidence. Today as well, I think they missed some important players in their squad.

on Alexis:
“Look, he has all the ingredients to be a top class striker and he shows that now in every game. In a game like that today, again he is quick, he is quick to close down, he can dribble, he has short backlift. He has a killer instinct and it shows again that the South Americans, at the moment in world football, are the leading strikers. You have to acknowledge that. If you look through the top strikers in Europe, they are basically all South American now.”

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