Perhaps, Thursday night European win would consider United‘s most brilliant performance this season defined best to their real standard. The increased criticism after series of disappointing results seemed to shatter Mourinho‘s redeveloping project, but Old Trafford enjoyed a wonderful evening that signaled a continuous flash of aspiration to be remain alive for United. One major factor underlined this performance and it was Henrikh Mkhitaryan who really inspired a vital gear of flair and purpose at the heart of attack.

The fascinating image of red devil’s  promising attacking vision dedicated to the new combination of Pogba, Ibrahimovich, Rooney hasn’t produced a superiority factor as it believed to be the storyline this season so far, so a new inspiration was demanded to pull the rings and the Armenian playmaker really offered them such spark. He was deployed into central playmaking role, shifting to operate behind Ibra as Rooney joining them from left in the shape of converted three front, which ideally offered Pogba and Mata to form a desirable partnership as adapted auxiliary wide passers in alternating play from deep over the flanks constantly to anticipate winning space and generating incisive transition to attack with more freedom to push high for having experienced Carrick filling the folding role in middle of them to charge the pressing task. Their movements eagerly have dictated a rhythmic passing buildup  to open run with considerable balance of timely speed of play supervised by Pogba and Mata to win possession and offering mobility for three attackers to ignite neat neat and consistent interchanges to keep their rival at their back feet rapidly.

Mkhitaryan’s ability to switch between the flanks  to exchange short touches with Rooney and Mata at his wide and drifting centrally generated open run options for Ibra and Englishman to link up more precisely with eye to exploit s breakthrough. They came really close to get their rewards in many occasions; first Pogba ambitious run from left picked up Rooney with a fine pass before English forward turning to set Mata with a shot, but it was timely blocked, three minutes later the a combination between Mata, Mkhitaryan and Rooney In the central position was switched into open space on the right for Jones to cross in and IBRA headed over the ball. United became more ambitious with series of precise and delightful pint point passes that gained appearance of pace and continuity to stretch dutch side and another chance was offered and it was the opener. Rooney produced a silky footwork to turn away his marker in tiny space on the left before driving forward freely as looking up to switch a fine inside pass to Ibra and while continuing his run has Sweden to pause and holding the ball when striding inside and combined with Rooney’s play inside the box and English man cheating it nicely over the goalkeeper. the brought in a more exciting atmosphere to Old Trafford leading up to their ambitious attacking movements with plenty of possession and soon it came the second goal.

Feyenoord player was exposed deep in central area by Carrick as it was turned to Ibra as he hit the first touch and sliced a fine pass to exploit a fine space to combine with Rooney’s clever run and turning set up ball for Mata to finish it easily. with comfortable possession the third goal was arrived, Rooney pushing a build up when playing Rashford on the right and he linked up with Ibra inside the box, the Sweden looked up with ball to his feet and hits a shot from almost tight angle that deflected off the goalkeeper into the net. they completed their marvelous night when another crafty combination between Rooney and Rashford offered a change of passing tempo to break opponent’s defense that involved Mata turning a neat interplay ball into Linegard inside run on the edge of box and English youngster curled an inch perfect swing left foot effort to the far post that sealed them a fantastic and deserved win in a promising fashion. The major factor to this delightful victory dedicated to Mourinho’s sharp approach of deploying Mkhitaryan in the heart of his attacking formation. The playmaker ignited a flash of fluidity and creativity to their final movements in many aspects of play. With his technical skills, neat combination touch and delicately change of pace Mkhitaryan offered a vital efficiency and sustainability to united passing buildup when switching between central spaces to interchange fine short plays with Rooney, Mata and Pogba so ideal to generate constant open run mobility for wide attackers and deep passers like Carrick to anticipate off the ball rotation and forming continuous forward touches often.

Ibrahimovich was able to track more free runs to link with Rooney across the box with considerable positions to drift inside and over the press to exchange an away runs as both Rooney and Armenian player involved quickly to win the next move, while Mata and Pogba eagerly anticipating to play crafty interplay combinations with their front men rhythmically from midfield over the flanks, Valencia and Jones monitored their dual full_wing back role to stream forward on wide spaces and timely reverting back to press, but the appearance of such desirable freedom in fact indicated to their collective effort of inspired high tempo attack that allowed five or six players comfortably switching the the point of passing with ambitious possession and flexibility when joining forward; it would initiated from a deep pass to be supervised by Pogba in linking with Mata shifting wide or with both players rotating centrally when Rooney drifting inside to combine with Mkhitaryan advance runs to dribble inside defenders to free up Ibra, or simply having either Mata or Martial that came on later creating as wingers to interchange with Pogba in the middle and Mikhitarian breaking over the line as Rooney winning space or their play could enjoyed igniting a patient and neat midfield build up started by Carrick joined by Rooney and Pogba exchanges in transitioning into a timely change of pace for dynamic penetration end move orchestrated by Mata, Martial, Mkhitaryan or even IBRA.

They produced wide ranges of attacking combinations and potentially high tempo play that relied on incisive skills, enthusiastic pace, dedicated balance of midfield and deep vision of players like Mkhitaryan and Martial in playmaking roles and Pogba, mata and Linegard as box to box midfield creators, the collective rank of talented individuals seeking to amplify united’s desirable cohesion in becoming a fierce title favorite under leadership of “special one” ultimately. It looks promising but red devils are facing realistic challenges to redefine an inspirational characteristic and pivotal consistency demands to be a title favorite in all cylinders, they are capable but when their time arrives after long crisis? One exciting solution will be Mkhitaryan and new generation.

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