We have been lucky to be part of this invite-only event held by Adidas for the release of their new cleats :

The Ace15 and the X15.

X15 the game changer (left) and Ace15 the playmaker (right)
Ace15 the playmaker and X15 the game changer
Ace15 the playmaker and X15 the game changer

Adidas believes that those cleats are for the players who want to make a difference. At this event held Wed 7/15 in the art district in LA, they’ve let us feel the difference that the Ace15 and X15 can produce by letting let us exchange passes with some galaxy players. I had the chance to try out the X15 with Mika Vayrynen and I can tell that for a few minutes, they made the difference….check out those pics:

Mika Vayrynen LA Galaxy Adidas


After sweating a little and decided that I needed to own the X15, I wished Mika good luck for the season and headed for the press conference where we discussed with the adidas team the specificities and differences of the X15 and Ace15.

I can tell that those shoes are a work of art between the Adidas engineers and the best player in the world.

Basically Adidas divided the players into two categories: the playmaker and the game changer. I have tried every shoes possible, but somehow Adidas always think ahead and find what the players need the most #bethedifference.

As one of Adidas spokespeople told 90soccer, all the best players want to perform at the highest level and want at sometime, either be the playmaker or the game changer…. Which one are you?

Overall, the event was amazing, a soccer 2 vs 2 tournament was held alongside with food and drinks. And if if wasn’t enough, Adidas managed to have Steven Gerrard (Yes, the new L.A. Galaxy player) in the building to act as a referee. 🙂

And later on, we had YG performing on stage to close the event, some said that he ACE15 (lol) the night as a playmaker..Well I am more a soccer guy.

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