top 10 Things Bookmakers Do not Want You to Know

Think you got what you need to make some wins on football betting?

Think again!

This is because today we will be sharing some top things bookmakers do not want you to know.

Betting business is huge and betting companies are making billions yearly in profits.

Since it is a business, it requires adept skills and huge finance to make a good turnover. Rarely will a business making good profits want to share the business secrets and knowledge with outsiders? That is why bookmakers are always out encouraging customers and bettors alike to stake their hard-earned money into gambling.

Betting is a business based on probability, assumptions, and guesswork, not facts. Unless one is Omnipotent and all-knowing, you can’t possibly guess right all the time. This is the reason why the bookmakers will keep making gains over the customers.

There are a number of things that these betting companies keep as a secret which they will not want a customer to know, and ten of them will be highlighted below. Knowing these things will at least help you bet with enough information in your favor.


    1. Bookmakers want you to believe they have the best markets and odd: All bookmakers work very hard for you to stick to their company, they hate competition, as expected. They make promos and offers so that you will not snoop around. However you have to know that whatever your present and favourite bookmaker is offering you, there is another betting company offering something way better, you just have to look seriously. Betting is not for the nonchalant. Bookmakers employ the best of the best and work 24/7 to make profits, you have to also make sure you work hard. Stand up and check around for better bookmakers with good options. Don’t be stuck with one particular bookmaker, they are not your friend, whatever bonus and offers they give you is meant to be collected later, they are around to make money.


      1. Accumulations: Accumulators occur when you stake on more than one game. Bookmakers encourage bettors and punters alike to stake on more than one game, and they do this by offering huge bonuses to people who can stake on plenty accumulations. Let me be sincere with you, accumulations will make you lose heavily. When you stake on sig le games, it is far better than staking on several games. The percentage of winning in a single game is 50-50, however, when you stake on many games, it becomes less than ten. Don’t be fooled by the bonuses offered by betting companies, bet on a game and leave!


        1. Low odds: Do not be fooled when betting companies gives a relatively strong team low odds against an inferior team. Most times this is to encourage you to pick those low odds and ignore certain things. Low odds do not mean they will come. The winning or losing of games are not odds based. They are based on performance, form and other unforeseen situations (injuries, suspensions and weather). A typical example is the champions’ league game between the reigning holders of the champions league Real Madrid and Ajax. Most bookies gave Real Madrid odds ranging from 1.25-1.40 while giving ajax 8.11 odds to 11.89. The champions were pummeled 4-1 at the Santiago Benabeau. What the bookies used to deceive people was the low odds, the wise ones will look at the team form and mentality. Do not be fooled!


          1. Betting companies stalk people: I know a lot of people will not agree that they are been tracked by betting companies, however, it has been confirmed that bookmakers track accounts of customers who bet heavily to know more about them and where they reside. You may ask why they do this. They are doing this in order to offer the customer more juicy promotions and make him lose money. Also, they track syndicate and people who win regularly to know if they are fixing games or not.


            1. Give Huge publicity to winners: In fairness, most companies do these in order to make it look to the public that all is well and they are making huge gains. However, betting companies can take it to the extreme. Bookmakers promote and publicize customers who make huge winnings with ever mentioning the number of people who have lost and still losing.


              1. Betting companies contact each other: Betting companies have series of meeting together to get updated on certain bettors and punters. Once a particular bookmaker notices that a particular customer often win, they connect with other bookmakers to know if the same customer wins with them and how they can curtail such frequent winnings. Betting companies are not happy when you win regularly, scratch that, they are not happy when you win at all. Therefore, if you have a lucky run, they want to mitigate such run and make you lose.


                1. Virtual Soccer league can never yield you profit: Betting companies entice customers who need easy and quick money to play their online virtual football league, what they fail to tell the customers is that you cannot beat the system. Look Virtual league is programmed by intelligent computer gurus, where the betting company cannot lose, no matter what you play. It is advisable for you to stick to what you know, and flee from quick money. Because you think you will get quick money, but you will lose money easily, the virtual league is a no for serious bettors.


                  1. Staking on games every day is the easiest way to lose: Betting companies will always have games and markets on their online platform every day, however, that does not mean a reasonable bettor has to part with his/her money daily. Wisdom is applicable to all, therefore stakes should only be placed when it is necessary(probably just twice/thrice weekly). If you believe that staking daily will make you have a good chance of winning, you are actually wrong. Instead, it is advisable to predict your games well and stake systematically, because what will be will be.


                    1. Mouthwatering offers that come with rigid terms and conditions: Betting companies give lots of offers and sign-up bonuses to attract customers; however what is not obvious to the customer is that these offers are “Greek-gift” to them. Because attached to these offers are very stringent terms and conditions which make winning the bet difficult


                      1. Setting limits on withdrawal helps their cause: Most betting companies make sure that they set certain limits on withdrawal from accounts. I wonder why I can fund my betting account with 3,000 dollars, but I am not allowed to withdraw back my money until it has reached 5,000 dollars. This is another avenue where you are ensnared in betting all your money until it is finished.

In conclusion, betting companies are in the business to make money and will not do any favours to customers. Don’t make the mistake of believing that betting companies have loopholes that you can exploit.

Any obvious loophole within a betting company is intentionally put there to make customers think they are smart and make them lose more.

Betting companies make huge sales and profits because of trade secrets, always keep this at the back of your mind, the house (the betting company) always wins!