Football bets appear quite simple at first, and you can continue to think so as long as lady luck is on your side. But successful bettors don’t just trust their luck. If you want to get a regular income from football bets, you should take this job seriously and act like it is a “business”. It is not possible to eliminate the chance factor completely but it is possible to reduce its effect. Here are some basic tips on how to do this.

Pick a Bet Type and Stick with It

If you think that football betting is limited to “who will win”, you are very wrong. In this type of sports, there are dozens of different types of bets that you can enter. You can bet on a lot of possibilities, such as which player will be thrown out with a red card, or the exact time of the first goal. Moreover, the rates of some of these options will be quite high. However, if you bet on too many possibilities, you’ll leave your job to chance.

Perhaps you’ll be surprised, but the simplest bets are usually the best. Bet for simple and uncomplicated possibilities. There is a reason why a “who will win” bet is popular: Even beginners can understand what they are betting on. For the same reason, rates are slightly lower than other possibilities, but it is possible to reduce the chance factor as much as possible. Don’t spread among too many variables: Choose a simple bet type and just use it.

Learn Everything You Need to Learn about Teams

This is the most important recommendation we can give: Learn everything you can about a team until you get as much information as the technical coach of that team. Sign up for sports news sites by URL and get all current information about both teams and players. In particular, follow the personal lives of the footballers: A footballer who fights with his girlfriend the day before the match will not play very efficiently during the match. Or, a football player who is about to transfer to another team may not perform well enough in that match. All of this information is available on the internet and is of great importance when evaluating various possibilities. Follow each player in the team you bet against or in favour of and learn everything you can about them. The more knowledge you have, the more accurate you will be when calculating probabilities.

Keep Records

Keep a record of every bet you play and see what your performance is at the end of each month. If you cannot make the right decisions at least 40%, there is an error in your strategy. Even the most professional bettors often lose, but you need to win at the same frequency. If you’re losing more than 60% on simple bets, then you’re making a mistake. Keeping detailed records will also allow you to have a unique and personal database about the history of a football team.

Search for the Best Rates

You can different rates for the same football match at different betting sites. Usually, sports betting sites use the same delivery platform but they each offer a different rate for a particular match. Sometimes, these rates may be way over the average if the betting site is in need of promotion. Do not stick to only one betting site: Get accounts on more than one website and check the rates on all of them. In fact, check the rates on sites you are not even a member of. Even a simple 0.10% difference will pay more, especially if you are a high-roller.

Don’t Get Emotional

You will lose sooner or later. Accept this fact. There is no guarantee in sports betting (and gambling, in general) and everybody eventually loses. Do not get emotional and make hasty decisions just because you lost. Instead, try to analyze why you have lost and find out if this is the result of bad luck or bad strategies. This also applies for winning: Do not think that you will keep winning just because you are on a “strike”. This is called the gambler’s fallacy and also the reason why you never see rich gamblers around. If you have won, think about “pausing” for a little bit. If you use all of your winnings to keep on betting, you may be disappointed.