Four goals conceded against Colombia

We all know soccer is not the n1 sport in the US and will never be as we all speak. It might take another 100 years to see the best players in the MLS or whatever the name will be by the ned of this century. 

This is fine and there is nothing to judge about soccer in America. It has steadily been growing over the past 25 years. We have our problems, our differences but we all try to achieve one simple thing that is to be competitive on the world’s level and never ever repeat again the failure of the 2018 World Cup. 

Therefore, the team is bringing youngsters to be developed and veterans such as Bradley to bring experience. 

Worthy opponents

In order to develop the team faster, the MNT play high calibre nations such as France, Brazil, Colombia, England and Italy to bring the young team to the highest level. It is a process as the interim coach says.

The main problem is that we have a ship without a captain. As hard as you want to develop young players you need a strong figure to convey the message. In a dysfunctional USSF system, it is not all surprising.  The question is WHEN ARE WE GOING TO HAVE AN APPOINTED COACH??

Interim coach Sarachan comments:

“Games like this are an important part of the process. Playing on nights like this against good teams and in environments where, in reality, we’re not the home team, that part is important.

You play against a team like Colombia that has very good players, if your reading of certain situations, if the way you deal with certain advantages that they have isn’t good enough, then they can punish you. In moments tonight, they were sharper than we were.”