Finding a hobby for your child to try isn’t exactly easy. You need to consider a variety of factors, not to mention the preferences of said kid. Fortunately, you may be able to satisfy everyone by signing up for a school sport. If you’d like to learn more, here are five reasons why your child should play a school sport.


The most prominent reason for any kid to play school sports is the exercise involved. Exercise, no matter what kind it is, is essential for any child to complete. Basically, being active helps kids develop faster. It allows bones to harden quicker, strengthens cardiorespiratory fitness and can greatly improve a child’s mental health. Also, while no child should be weight-shamed in any way, exercise can improve health by helping kids stay in shape. This is a great thing to keep in mind when choosing a school sport. If this is your child’s main form of exercise, you may want to choose a more active option. Cardio-based sports like baseball are more likely to be helpful than, for instance, tennis. In order to further increase your child’s amount of exercise, you’ll want to encourage practice at home. Be sure to get the needed supplies for this. For instance, you may need to get a wooden baseball bat.


Learning how to socialize is a highly important part of childhood. It doesn’t come naturally to every kid, especially when said kid is an introvert. Fortunately, joining a team is a great way to improve socialization. First of all, it allows your child to engage with others easily. Having an activity to focus on can lessen awkwardness or difficulty speaking. Being on a team also allows for strong friendships. Teammates learn how to work with and rely on each other, making it inevitable that a bond will be formed. So, if your child is having difficulty making friends, joining a team could be a perfect solution.


Developing a skill or talent can be hard for kids. After all, children don’t have much experience to work with. Unfortunately, a child’s confidence can greatly rely on the ability to do something well. Sports is a great way to solve this issue. Learning a sport requires a large amount of practice and coaching. Because of this, your child is likely to develop at least some talent in this sport. Sports can also help to grow other skills. For instance, your child may begin to work with others better, as well as become more coordinated. While you should still encourage skill-building in other areas, this is a great option to focus on.

School Credits

Oftentimes, schools will give credit when it comes to school sports. For one thing, playing sports may allow your child to avoid gym class. This could give your kid more time to focus on other studies. You may be able to introduce even more hobbies. Also, many schools will provide money for traveling games. This could be an exciting opportunity for your child, not to mention a needed break from the monotony of classes. Finally, playing a school sport is a great addition to college applications. Your child may have a far easier time getting into a university.

After School Activity

Filling the time once school is out can be hard. Sure, your kid may enjoy a few days of relaxation. However, doing practically nothing after school can get boring quickly. Your child may also become accustomed to laziness and a lack of socialization. So, it’s important to find a continuous activity for your kid. Sports is a great option in this regard. For kids, playing sports is a lot more fun than learning chess or sewing. You’ll likely have far less difficulty with convincing the young one to go. Playing sports is also sure to expend any extra energy your child may have.

Playing sports can be a lot of fun at any age. So, give it a try and see what your child thinks!