Los Angeles Galaxy 4-3 Los Angeles FC

A rivalry is born! We saw one of the best games in the history of the MLS and definitely the game and the goal of the season so far in 2018. The battle of LA was much anticipated and did not disappoint. All star players on the pitch shone and the fans loved it. First, winning their first two matches LAFC came out with confidence and quickly took a 2-0 lead at the break thanks to a brace from Carlos Vela. Furthermore, they extended the lead only a few minutes in the second half. At 3-0 for LAFC a comeback was all but not likely to happen…. 

First LA Galaxy found their way back in this game from down 3-0 to 3-2. Then, came Zlatan who volleyed a ball from 40 yards out. Welcome to the MLS Mr. Ibrahimovic. Tied at 3-3, Zlatan scored on his first appearance with his new club and everyone in the stadium was pleased with the result. But hold on, the lion was hungry as Zlatan himself said in the press conference after the first training session with his new team. To conclude this amazing game he scores in extra time to give the win. 

LA Galaxy – Zlatan Ibrahimovic on his first game with the team:

“I just wanted to come in. The fans were demanding something and I gave them Zlatan. I felt like I played 40 games for my 20 minutes. I was feeling everything, jet lag, I hadn’t played for a long time, I did the first sprint and I started to breathe immediately. When the second came, I thought this time I’ll shoot and that’s the ball that went in.

I had a lot of adrenaline. Step-by-step you build it up. I need to come into a rhythm and to feel the game, but it is not only about the game, but you need to adjust for the weather and adjust for the way the team plays and we need to have a balance the way you can play to save strength for the whole game.”

On the stunning equalizer he scored:

“Normally as a second striker, you go behind (the play) if the ball would come, just like it came …I saw the goalkeeper (Tyler Miller) he was out and I said I will shoot it over, but it was all depending how do I shoot, do I shoot high or in front to put power on it. I chose the power way and it went in.

Then the adrenaline starts, you starts and you don’t want it to finish. You take off your shirt and you just want to celebrate with the fans. You want to feel the energy that is going through the stadium. If I would have more strength, I would have run all over the pitch, but I just managed one side of the field.

I’m still hungry, I’m still hungry. It was a good start.”