Bayern Munich 6-0 Borussia Dortmund

Bayern trashed BVB in a gala display and are waiting for another domestic title. The dominance of the German champions is unfair and Dortmund exploded against such firepower. It was ugly with a 5-0 lead at the break. 

Borussia have lost some of their greatness for the past couple years and for the first time in a long time they are in danger of missing Champions League next season. 

For Bayern the focus is now 100% on Champions League and FC Sevilla. The German aim at a deep run in the competition as the do every single year but they know the quality of their opponent that best Manchester United in the last round. 

Coach Heynckes comment on the easy win:

“It’s always difficult to recover your rhythm after an international break, but we did a very good job. Our plan was to win the game because we had to lay down another marker.

The team turned in an outstanding display over 90 minutes, they turned in a gala display in the first 45 minutes. We made the most of our tactical and technical dominance.

Our focus in the second half was not to give away possession so that we don’t have to push ourselves to the limit.

We only have three days until the match in Sevilla. We have a very good team, good team spirit and good attitude. But we’re far from perfect and know what we have to improve.”