In many ways, it’s been a good year for Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Aged 39 years old, he managed to score 15 league goals in 19 matches for AC Milan, as he helped them secure a Champions League spot in the process. During his second stint at AC Milan, he’s managed to rejuvenate his career, previously playing for LA Galaxy which is often seen as a retirement village for aging football stars.

In fact, his form was so good for Milan that he returned to international football after retiring from Sweden back in 2016. This was seen as a positive for the Swedes who could obviously use his qualities in the upcoming European Championships, which is set to start this Friday.

Sadly, his comeback story has been sidelined and the chances are he may not play for Sweden again. After suffering a knee injury in May whilst playing in Milan’s 3-0 win against Juventus, Ibrahimavic missed the finale of the season and has since been ruled out of the Euro’s. Could he play for two more seasons are get a chance at their future World Cup? It’s a long shot, but with Zlatan there’s always a chance.

In the meantime, Sweden shouldn’t be too upset. They currently have the talented Alexander Izak who has been touted as the next Ibrahimovic. Izak has also enjoyed a great season himself, scoring 17 goals in 34 league games for Real Sociedad. Sweden’s campaign kicks off on Monday night vs Spain.

As for Ibrahimovic, on his days off he is also known to practice Taekwondo…but with his knee injury perhaps he won’t be doing any training. Instead, he may be thinking of funny quotes or pondering how great he is.