Zensah Leg Sleeves have been developed to help soccer players with faster recovery times ailing soccer after tough training


Miami, FL August 11th, 2011- Zensah® Compression Apparel specializes in producing the best compression sportswear in the industry because of its distinctive understanding on how athletes perform. Zensah® Compression offers the greatest compression technology for soccer players to use during training and games.


One of the greatest hurdles experienced by soccer players are shin splints and calf strains. To treat and prevent common soccer problems, experts recommend rest, ice, compression and elevation (RICE). Zensah Soccer Leg Sleeves take compression to the next level by incorporating a 3D texture that pin-points each specific area of the calf and shin.


Zensah Soccer Leg Sleeves also help soccer players avoid common short-term problems like sweeping, cramping, soreness, and tightness. In the long run, wearing compression regularly can prevent conditions like venous thrombosis. By applying pressure to the surface of the lower legs with elastic fibers the compression Leg Sleeves increase blood circulation, oxygen blood flow, and dissipate lactic acid build-up. The Leg Sleeves provide wide ribbing in the front for shin support and tight ribbing in the back for calf support.


Soccer players use the Leg Sleeves for a range of benefits. From reducing the effects of humidity to stabilizing the muscles. The propriety seamless design makes the sleeves extremely comfortable and easy to put on.  The moisture wicking technology maintains legs dry while the embedded silver ions keep leg fresh, bacteria-free and smelling clean.


The Leg Sleeves are lightweight to wear under soccer shin guards.  The variety of colors available makes matching the leg Sleeves to the uniform easy. Take a day off from recovering and play harder!


About Zensah®: based in Miami, FL since 2004, is the creator of seamless compression technology. Offers a full line of athletic compression apparel designed to maximize performance and recovery. The products are manufactured in Italy and United States using seamless technology to provide the greatest quality and comfort.


Zensah can be found at specialty sporting good stores. Through continuous research and development, the products provide the optimal level of compression and continue to be the primary choice for athletes. For more information, please visit www.zensah.com or e-mail Suzanne at Suzanne@zensah.com


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