World Cup games are very leveled

Germany lost. Brazil, Spain, Argentina tied. France, Belgium, Uruguay and England won but have had difficulties. The World Cup first matches have shown how tight the games are in this 2018 World Cup and we already got upsets.

Group A – Russia as its best

Russia had their best games in a while and trash Saudi Arabia 5-0. Rising star Golovin was terrific and had a few words on the performance:

“If anyone didn’t watch the match, they’d say it was easy looking at the scoreline, but this was far from the case. It was hard getting hold of the ball because the Saudis are technically proficient. But in preparing for the game, we knew they might take a few risks, so we looked to catch them with our pressing.

We’ll concentrate on stopping the entire Egypt team, not just [Mohamed] Salah. They’ve got many excellent players. Everyone likes to be praised, but we shouldn’t go over the top because we don’t want it to interfere later on.”

Group B – instant classic

Portugal and Spain delivered the best performance of the Opening round. Cristiano scored a hat-trick and Diego Costa a brace in a game full of intensity, star power and drama. Final score was 3-3 for the most goals in the 2018 World Cup so far. If you missed this game, you missed a lot…!

Group C – France edge over Australia

It was difficult for France to overcome Australia thanks to 2 VAR (video assistance replay) goals but they managed to beat a resilient Australian team. In the other match the loss for Peru was cruel judging from the many opportunities and shots on goals for the South American. Denmark and France will try to secure a Round of 16 spot with a win next game.

Group D – Messi did not show up

Argentina could not the best of Iceland and Messi missed a penalty. Argentina will have two tough games coming up with Croatia and Nigeria two teams that could arguably be better than Iceland. the last 2014 runner-ups are in trouble and face a must win situation against Croatia.

Group E – Brazil stopped 

Brazil, the number one favorite team to win the World Cup, fail to beat a regrouped and ultra defensive Swiss team. Coutinho scored a wonderful goal but the Brazilians never found the net o score the second goal. On the contrary Switzerland defended very well and came up with a big result

Group F – Mexico the sensation

Everyone know Mexico are a good team but no one expect El Tri to beat the World Champions. Germany were stunned by a first half and well deserved goal by the Mexicans. This is the greatest upset of the World Cup so far and Germany is on against the wall and must beat Sweden to advance.

Group G – Belgium and England win

It took 45 minutes for Belgium to get into this match and they scored 3 goals in the second half against one of the weakest teams in the tournament; 3-0. For England it took 90 minutes and the last minutes of thew game to find a second goal by Harry Kane on his World Cup debut. Tunisia played a solid game but could not hold on and were beaten at last 2-1. For Harry Kane is it already most goals in one match (2) than Wayne Rooney in his total World Cup career (1 goal in 11 games).

Group H – Japan the other sensation

Japan got the best of Colombia 2-1 and created another big upset in the early stages of the tournament. Colombia went down to 10 men after only 3 minutes and conceded a penalty converted by the Japanese. The cafeteros fought hard to come back in this game but seemed tired in the second half. Japan can dream of qualifying now. As we speak Poland is losing to Senegal 1-0 and this shows how games turn out to be more competitive than anyone expected.