It is true to say that 188BET is one of the leading bookmakers today

It is true to say that 188BET is one of the leading bookmakers today. In the Vietnamese market, statistics show that 188bet is one of the top choices of players. A few years ago, perhaps 188bet would not be as popular as the other bookmakers. However, currently 188bet is one of the bookmakers with the most interaction with players and it is extremely trusted by many players.

Introducing 188BET

In fact, it was born in 2006. After 10 activities, 188Bet has become a prestigious bookmakers. It has clear policies and rules; the level of payment for players is always guaranteed.

The fact of the matter is that at 188bet, we can always bet easily with the extremely enthusiastic support of our employees and attractive promotions.BET88.INFO is committed to the trustworthiness of the 188bet brand.

Currently, with its strong potential, 188BET is sponsoring some of the following clubs:

  • 188BET was the exclusive sponsor of the Bolton Wanderers Club in the English Premier League 2009-2010 season.
  • Wigan Club was also a major partner in the 188BET brand promotion campaign to the UK betting market between 2009 and 2011.
  • The fact that 188BET has sponsored Bolton and Wigan clubs at the same time was shocked the betting market in England. Historically, no bookmakers has ever sponsored two Premier League clubs in the same season.

Extremely attractive promotion at 188be

When you become a new member and join 188bet you will receive a 100% First Deposit Bonus up to VND 1,500,000

You will be refunded 0.76% of the weekly bet amount and other special offers from Sports, Casino to Keno, Poker.

You can read more at 188bet mobile

Quick deposit and withdrawal

  • Deposit money at 188bet: Deposit time up to 5 minutes. With 188bet, you will not incur any additional fees. Minimum amount for each deposit: 200,000 VND.
  • Withdrawal at 188bet: The time it takes for the system to process customer withdrawals is extremely quick. The minimum withdrawal amount is VND 200,000

Attentive customer care, enthusiastic support

188bet hotline or email is always ready to listen to all customer inquiries even the smallest and will quickly respond to you.

  • Customer is God with 188bet
  • Your satisfaction brings success to 188bet
  • 188BET will always strive to serve better

188BET has a professional and friendly Website interface

90% of players appreciate the 188bet interface with the following advantages:

  • 188bet is a multilingual website that supports users in many places.
  • In addition to the main link system, it provides the 188bet sub link system, the new way to access 188bet is the safest for players.

188BET – the great bookmaker that you should try

  • 188bet is one of the bookmakers who always create extremely rich betting rates for players to choose the method that suits them.
  • The odds at the house 188BET will always give players very high profits. About 20% more than reciprocal betting (because you pay 20% commission on the winnings).

How to register 188BET account?

Step 1: Access to the most prestigious 188BET link system today -> Click Register -> Registration form appears.

Step 2: Check the registration information again -> Click Register

After that, there will be a confirmation of successful 188BET registration and 188Bet staff will advise you.

In addition, we can refer to the house Webiste 188BET to understand their reputation level.

In summary, with the specific analysis above, you clearly see the reputation of the 188bet dealer. You have seen that in addition to owning a website design is extremely professional and easy to manipulate. It allows players on all devices such as PC, phone, Ipad, IOS. The promotions for players are numerous and the transaction methods are extremely quick, so it is understandable that they receive absolute trust from customers. I believe that 188Betnot only is a reputable betting unit but it is also the best for all players looking for a reputable bookmaker


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