Mohamed Salah is known for being the Egyptian football forward player to the Liverpool group. Although he started his career early on in Egypt, it was until 2012 when he transferred to Brasilia and won his first big league tournament. In only 28 years he has been able to dominate his role in the team. Nevertheless, now more than ever it seems like everyone is talking about Mohamed Salah, given that he has demonstrated a lot of skill and great performances in numerous games. His career seems quite promising, and he is the reason why a lot of people root for Liverpool.

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Superhuman Player

Salah is considered a superhuman player given that no other player has been able to beat his scores and his skillful performances. He is recognized for scoring a goal in the Champions League every 91.7 minutes, and in addition, he even averaged 44 goals in all competitions together. His scores are simply incredible which is why he has been gaining so much attention from the public lately.

The Ballon d’Or

Known as an award given to football players by a french magazine, this award is considered to be an honor and an amazing recognition to football players from a worldwide perspective. It is said that with the high scores from Salah, in which he reached over 40 goals, he is next in line in order to receive a Ballon d’Or. It is safe to say that being in line for one of the most prestigious awards in the football world definitely makes Salah a dominant player among his peers, given that his success is definitively being noticed.

Expectation For Liverpool And Salah

While his career has been quite successful, some people believe that Salah isn’t greatly appreciated by the Liverpool fans. And not that nobody notices his immense success, but it has more to do with being taken for granted. People trust his scores and therefore, whatever he doesn’t seem surprising, as they already know that he is great and therefore he will perform as such. For that reason, there have been some speculations that Salah isn’t in the club that he is meant to be in order to thrive, and that his dominance and determination might be too big for the plans that Liverpool has for him.

As a great player he definitely needs to be in a team that not only appreciates him, but that also has a promising future for his career.