Every person who has known the first thing about soccer is that Lionel Messi is one of the best players in the entire world. He has set the bar too high for upcoming players to beat. He has also become an idol for tons of followers and people who are very passionate about this sport. In addition, he is part of one of the strongest teams known to the International Football Association, Barcelona.

Soon enough, Messi’s contract is coming to an end, and it is up to the Barcelona Club to decide what they will do with him. While his contract is coming to an end, Messi’s opportunity to negotiate with other clubs will become a viable option. Although the Argentine player had a long career with Barcelona, it is still open to debate whether he is happy with the team, or if he is ready to make a switch for something better. People are already starting to make their own assumptions and placing bets on the possible outcomes of his career. Sites like https://nongamstopcasino.com/ are great places to find reliable casinos to place any sort of bets.

Public Negotiations

Everyone is eager and waiting for an answer and while it is true that the clock is ticking and his contract is coming to an end, Messi agreed not to begin publicly negotiating. Although there have been numerous speculations on his relationship with Paris, Manchester and even Pep Guardiola, Messi claims that there is no relationship between those encounters and the future of his career.

Josep Bartomeu vs Messi

There have always been speculations that Messi would leave Barcelona because of his ongoing feud and frustration that came from the president of the Barcelona Club, Josep Bartomeu. While there hasn’t been any confirmation on this claim, it is true that the president of the club has been forced to resign his spot. Messi claimed that he didn’t find him fit to lead the club to the best direction and he always believed that Bartomeu would be the responsible one for the downfall of the club.

Messi Leaving Barcelona

Although nothing is set in stone, it is easy to identify Messi’s discomfort with the Barcelona Club. He claims that whoever comes in after him will have to face a tough challenge of the entire situation that is going on in the club. He claims that Barcelona is in need of some order and organization and therefore things aren’t flowing the way that they should.

Nevertheless, people are eager to find out the outcome of these situations, and some are already making bets on where they think Messi will transfer to. The best place to make bets online you can find it here, with a simple click you get easy access to a casino platform that allows you to gamble and make numerous bets without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Now it is your turn, place your bet regarding which club you think Messi is transferring to.