UEFA Champions League

The first Champions League clash delivered five goals and a thrilling finish with a win for the home side 3-2. This game was featuring two of the best forwards trio in the world.

Liverpool and Paris Saint-Germain have started perfectly their season with five wins out five games in their respective League so this game was very much anticipated.

Paris Saint-Germain players were debuting there new Jordan kits for the first Champions League game of the season.

The Reds dominated the first half

Liverpool took a 2-0 lead in the first 40 minutes of the game before PSG and Meunier reduced the score to 2-1 before the break. The rising star of football, Mbappé, gave the equalizer for the visitors [2-2] with less than 10 minutes to play.

But the Reds kept pushing and Firmino scored the winning goal for the last year’s Champions League runners-up. For PSG, the road to a Champions League title is very long.

The competition in the domestic Ligue 1 is nowhere the level of play in Champions League so it always becomes more difficult for players to adjust when opposition is poor. Today they saw that Liverpool are abobe them and certainly a few other teams too that compete in stronger League every weekend.

Coach Klopp expresses his happiness on the performance:

“It was good, really good in all departments pretty much. It is so difficult to defend them, but we did. Good organisation and a big heart is always a good combination for defending.

All 11 players were involved in that. A good performance against an outstandingly strong opponent; it was necessary we played good. The atmosphere was fantastic, so special to do these things in this stadium. It was nice.

 I said before the game, the cool development of our club is when you hear Liverpool plays PSG, you don’t think we are without any chance anymore and I would say one, two, three years ago, everybody would have thought we cannot climb there.

That’s good, but that’s of course because of last year and because of the start of the next season maybe, and because of the players we have, because of the football we played. But it’s still so unbelievably difficult.

It’s not that you can plan it or whatever, you see what the boys make of the match plan – it’s extraordinary, it’s outstanding, to be honest.”