Barclays Premier League – the London derby : Arsenal vs. Tottenham Hotpsur

Arsenal coach Arsène Wenger has presided over 43 north London derbies in nearly 18 years at Arsenal. He has an enviable record – winning 21 and losing just six. There have been some interesting sports betting promos about this coming Premier League clash and also all the derbies in England.

His views on the derby vs Tottenham..

“You enjoy it after the game if you win. “You feel suddenly on the Monday before the game that something has changed and you wonder first of all what has changed. Of course it’s the tension before the derby.

“Before you have the tension and you have the focus to prepare and to give your team the best chances to win the game. That’s what you focus on. Satisfaction comes with the feeling that you have done a good job so let’s do a good job first.”

On Alexis Sanchez..

“His free-kick (vs Southampton) was fantastic and he will be of course an important asset offensively once he has adapted to our game.

“I still think he’s in an adaptation period at the moment but once he has adapted to the way we want to play he will be a fantastic asset for us.”

Still unbeaten in the Premier League..

“It is a bit to do with the World Cup, post-World Cup, but I believe we had a tricky start to the season,” he explained. “Overall we have played five games, three away games, and three tricky games because Villa, Leicester and Everton are always difficult for anybody in this league. 

“At home we played Man City and Crystal Palace so we’ve been given difficult games but once again we come back to last season – it is, in the Premier League, difficult to beat anybody, and the quicker we understand that, the better off we will be.

“We have been consistent, we have qualified for the Champions League, let’s move on and go back into our real rhythm. I think the first half at Villa was very positive and we have to take encouragement from that.”

Mauricio Pochettino – Tottenham head coach

“I have experience of derbies in different countries with different teams and for me, it’s exciting to play against Arsenal on Saturday.

“It’s a big game, a big derby. I know what it means for us and for our supporters. I’m excited, because I like this rivalry.” 

“We need to play our way. It will be an emotional game, for sure, not tactical, not physical.

“Football is about emotion and this is the type of game you play with your heart.” /

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