Another defeat for Arsenal:

Disgusting, disgraceful, shameful, unacceptable and unprofessional are the words to define Arsenal players right now. This team is miserable…

All are responsable for such a poor display. They are paid millions and act like entitled divas!! They deserve to be punished. It’s very rare to see such a lost team on the pitch. No offense to Brighton but a team of a caliber like Arsenal should never lose this game. From Koscinely to Aubameyang all players on the pitch must look themselves in the mirror and ask for forgiveness to the fans. This is a shame!!!! 

Focus on AC Milan

the coach previews what’s is left for Arsenal this season in Europa League: 

“It’s a massive game in Milan, but we have to focus on it. Hopefully we’ll recover physically and will not suffer too much from Sunday’s game. After that, we will prepare well.

“Aubameyang will not be there [in Milan] and Lacazette is not there, so of course that plays a part in my selection decision“.

The manager also comented on another miserable display in the Premier League:

“The damage was done in the first half because we struggled to find our legs. We struggled with confidence. You could see that [there was] a combination of these two factors. After that, we still gave everything in the second half and unfortunately we couldn’t find the second goal.

The decision-making is linked with confidence as well, so it’s very difficult to measure. It’s a combination of both.”