Half empty, fans boo their team

Arsenal 0-3 Manchester City

Arsenal is a soporific train-wreck and the situation is getting worse! The team is outclassed by Manchester City in the first 35 minutes. They came out flat and this team is shame to watch.

Arsenal is one the wealthiest sport teams in the world and they rank 6th in the Premier League. They are out of the Premier League title as well as Champions League spot. Their only hope remains in the Europa League when they will face AC Milan. Sadly, the team is a joke this season and it should be the end of Wenger… 

While the rest of the world is alarmist on Arsenal’s situation, the managers kicks out the current situation while accepting the defeat. Such a consternation…

Arsenal manager expresses his view on what [should] could be his last game as Arsenal manager:

“I felt it was a game of top intensity physically. I think we produced our highest physical performance of the season and Manchester City did as well, by quite a long way. Physically, the two teams gave a lot. I knew that the first half could have been difficult for us because we came out of Sunday’s game with a low confidence level.
They came back with a very positive mindset and that’s why they took advantage of every defensive weakness we showed in the first half. At the end of the day, I must say we lost against a top-quality team who at the moment are the best team in the country. On top of that, the combination of their quality plus the fact that they’re high in confidence and we’re low in confidence played a big part in the game tonight.
After that, in the second half we came out and dominated well in the first 20 minutes. We needed the penalty to go in to get a bit of momentum, so that was the killer of the game after that.
When your confidence is not at the best, the first thing that goes is your fluidity in the movement, the spontaneous side of the game. You could see that tonight. I don’t deny their quality because they have top quality, but we’re going through a difficult patch at the moment. That’s part of football as well unfortunately.”