Coach Arsenal Arsene Wenger ahead of Norwich last season test:

“We go there to try to win the game. We want to finish on a high, we want to get 79 points and make it as tight as possible at the top.

“If you get to that level it shows you’re ready to fight for the title again. From that basis we want to build on for next season and get over 80. A big clash next for the last game, a win “in preparing for the FA Cup final, it’s important to feel that you play well in the game before.”

“If you look at the teams who are out of the top four you realise how difficult it is to be in there,” he said. “The [quality] has been outstanding. You have clubs like Man United, Tottenham and Everton who have very good squads.

“But this season in particular you could see that the offensiveness was very impressive. To get close to 100 goals for Liverpool and over 100 goals for Man City is outstanding. That shows, absolutely, the quality in the top four at the moment.”

“It will be an exciting last day but nobody is today convinced that it will be exciting for 90 minutes,” said Wenger. “The suspense will certainly go early. You wouldn’t expect Man City to lose the game because even a draw is good enough for them. I think they made the main step at Everton a few weeks ago.”

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