Watch the Match! will provide a complete and usefull sportive application plenty of functionalities.
If you are abroad, on holidays or in a business travel, and you want to watch the match of your team, you’ll find here the nearest sports bars where you’ll be able to follow the match.

It’s the only app in the market which has more than 5.000 sports bars around the world, in all the continents and a huge quantity of countries.

“Watch the Match !” also offers standings, results and news completely updated it.

You can confirm the bar that you’ll going to watch the match and vote positive or negative the quality of the bar.

Also you can add bars (for the people who would like add their usual bar or the owners of the bars).

You could find it in Android Market, in the Android devices. In few time the app will be available for iPhone devices and connected with Facebook.

Nowadays, there are aplications for this clubs Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal , Totthenham, Ac Milan, Inter, Ajax, Twente and Bayern Munchen and they are launching clubs continuously.

Provide coverage to 160 million fans across the world!

If you’re a fan, this is your application !!!

For more information you can see:–h8P4lI


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Scientific and Technological Park of Girona, Spain

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