MLS Regular Season 2019

Los Angeles FC dismantled Portland Timbers 4-1, for the second week of MLS action. Mexican International Carlos Vela was the man of the match tallying one goal and three assists in the game. 

The forward has a clear sight on the MVP trophy for this season. He will try to elevate further his team and the city of Los Angeles. With Vela at LAFC and Ibrahimovic with the LA Galaxy, the MLS season promised to be excited in the country’s second largest city!

LAFC coach Bradley on Vela and the win:

“Carlos is a fantastic player. He’s so positive when he shows up and is good with his teammates. Every club has its idea of how it wants to play then you try to create training to take you that direction.

You want guys to still enjoy and appreciate training. I think that when your best players come in and know on certain days what training is going to be about and they set the example for everybody, then that’s important and Carlos has done that.

“You can see that his commitment to the team in every situation, chasing back, finding the right moments to come underneath and get the ball, making runs.”

Carlos Vela also added:

“Every day I try to be a better player, better teammate, and in the end, I’m working to be the MVP of the league. If I want to do that I have to show every game how good I am.”

You can see the highlights of the match here with LAFC stunning performance: